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Frogs are on the market in some countries, e. g. Viet Nam raised. Frog muscle as fast as warm-blooded muscle corpse not (chicken, for example), resolves the cooking heat may cause fresh Frog for contraction. Each year approximately $ 40 million worth of frogs are international marketed are involved with most countries in the world in this business. Although these numbers take into account non-domestic consumption, where agricultural production in frog is taken into consideration, we estimate conservatively that people consuming up to 3. 2 billion frogs for food worldwide every year. Movement of live or frozen, skin of amphibians is a potential way in which deadly amphibian disease as Litoria aurea Ranavirus, be transported into the world and despite the recommendation on prevention of diseases by the OIE, which governs the international spread of animal diseases, many environmentalists limitation of the frog-collected in nature also force for amphibian populations are decreasing and the frogs an integral part of ecosystems. Environmentalists warn gourmet frogs regional populations demands Ernst basses. Within Islamic dietary laws, there are debates and differences in consumption of frogs. The Hanbali Islamic current (school) of Shafi, Hanafi and Hanbali fuqaha strictly prohibit the consumption of frog, but according to the Maliki school your frog can only at certain types of frogs; Green Frog is often found in rice paddies, while other species, especially with blow's skin dirty and disgusting is considered toxic, and should not be eaten. The recipe is as well as for the accomplishments speak French in Louisiana, particularly in areas of New Orleans and Louisiana Cajun in the South. They were introduced to New Orleans by Donat Pucheu. Only the upper part is a member of the Board served the hind leg, which has a single bone, similar to a higher level of a chicken or Turkey. Are usually of frying or deep-frying, sometimes breaded and sometimes even ready. In the kitchen, China frog's legs are usually stir fried and mixed with light spices, applesauce, fried rice, is a famous dish in Cantonese cuisine. In the cuisine of Indonesia known frog-leg soup as Swikee or Swike, probably by the Chinese in Indonesia and people in Indonesia led China community kitchen. Swikee is frog leg soup with a pronounced taste of garlic, ginger and fermented soybean (Tauco), celery or parsley leaves. Swikee is a typical dish from Purwodadi Grobogan Regency, Central Java province. Fried in margarine legs and sweet sauce soy sauce batter or tomatoes, fried frogs, frog or grilled in banana leaves leaves eggs (Telur Kodok of pepper). The Javanese also eat dry skin and crispily fried. The taste is close to the skin of fried fish. The Indonesia is the largest exporter of frog meat, exporting over 5000 tons of meat per year, mostly from France, Belgium and Luxembourg in frog. Most of the supply in Western Europe comes from Frog farms in Indonesia, but fears that it could endanger the wild amphibians frog's legs, which Indonesia was plundered in populations of wild frogs. Frogs (žabji Octopus) are a very popular dish in Slovenian cuisine, especially in the areas of Slovenia (Prekmurje and Styria to the North-East). They are popular in the capital, Ljubljana, and were considered as the basis of the traditional city of Ljubljana. I'm also a traditional dish, which is popular in the vipava Valley in Western Slovenia and are served at many restaurants in Primorska. Frogs are also in some parts of Croatia, especially in the region of Gorski kotar, in the Northwest of the country. Are considered a delicacy in the town of Lokve, where they cooked, fried, stewed with polenta on the side. In the West of Spain, in Extremadura and Castilla y León, the frogs are served fried. They are a delicacy among its citizens. The frogs also have a great culinary value, on the banks of the River Ebro. Frogs are eaten in some southern parts african mango qvc of the United States, ate in the States of Eastern Europe, but little current. In particular, the South and the Gulf States, where French influence especially in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana is more important. The most common types of food frogs are toads and Leopard Frogs, which are abundant in most countries, especially in the South. Although the consumption of wild native frogs is generally discouraged, harvesting and cooking the Bullfrogs is rampant, especially in the western part of the United States, encouraged as a form of control and promotion of local cuisine. Some cooking methods are cracked/egg, grated or abused ME. Are fried or grilled. Deep fried frog legs, see measurement. Mountain chicken (Leptodactylus fallax) are frogs, the name of their Habitat and flavor which are eaten in Montserrat and Dominica. Frogs are now seriously threatened. In many parts of Kerala, Central Kerala, frogs are a delicacy. They are usually in the form of French fries (widely used in shops shops of so-called local liqueur toddy) served. Bone cooked frogs were discovered in archaeological excavations in Amesbury Wiltshire, between 7596BC and 6250BC, that were part of the local diet and dates. Some see this as evidence that they ate before the English and French,. .