African Mango Quebec

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Contain health incorporate advantages of fiber and vitamins mangoes a. approximately 2 per pound, or 4% KilogramDate: 2006Franchising by: 2007Headquarters: company in Dallas, Texas description: franchisees operate a refined retail frozen yogurt shop served authentic offer yogurt ice with fresh fruit, nuts and other spices, based on yoghurt, drinks and fruit nectars, probiotic drinksFood and related products and services for consumers concerned about their health to the food service and takeaway under the name of Red mango. Franchise offer: Red mango currently operates two franchise opportunities: the non-traditional and traditional self-service store. A traditional self-service store offer self-serve yogurt in a variety of flavors. Takes about 1 400 to 2 000 square feet of commercial space and is usually at retail is located on a major thoroughfare, adjacent to a shopping mall or in a city or a store. A non-traditional shop offers few, if any, seats (z. The offer because, as in a shopping mall) and limited the choice of products. Generally employs almost 250 to 800 square feet of commercial space and generally University campus, medical institution or another home market is located in a closed Mall, closed environments. Financial support: Red mango has no direct or indirect financing. Note of Red mango, rental or obligation does not guarantee the franchisee. Training and support: the owner must management to visit and to complete your initial training to the satisfaction of the franchisor. Currently, our initial training is a program of 11 days with 10 days of teaching and working in a certified training, training store and a day of african mango quebec visits to store optional. Red mango offer additional courses, seminars and other deemed appropriate training programmes. The owners management (or the key person, if applicable) and other employees, such as Mango Red example are to participate in these programs. Compared to the first shop, red mango franchisees developed, provides an individual, five days of the opening of the workshop offer assistance available; There is no charge for the service, but franchisees must reimburse all travel, accommodation and costs of meals, for the person, which provides decision-making support. Territory: the franchisee receives an exclusive territory. The franchisee may competition of other competitive brands of controlled red mango franchisees, red mango stores or make other distribution channels. Once you have found the path from the archive, a protected area will be agreed mutually. If the shop in a mall is managed, the franchisee will have no protected area. Otherwise, the protected with a RADIUS in the store area will describe. The minimum area for a non-commercial centre are a kilometre radius. Excluded from the protection zone connects within the protected area, markets red mango closed guard. It comes with a captive, each plant, including department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, amusement parks, airports, stations, casinos, campus College and schools and arenas, stadiums and all kinds of services for the delivery of food or beverages are entrusted to a third person or rights of parties is used. The franchise and renewal agreement term: the length of the franchise term is a traditional store before (a) 10 years after pops up the store for business to the public, or (b) 11 years after the date of the franchise agreement. The length of the franchise term is a traditional store front (a) five years after the opening of the boutique of the companies to the public, or (b) six years after the date of the franchise agreement. The franchisee may straight franchise two other times, extending for five years. Obligations and restrictions: the franchised business, must be controlled by a local owner management. If the partner is an individual or general partnership, the general partner will be the owner of the individual franchise management or one. If the affiliate is a legal person, the owner of the business management unit must have at least 10% of the shares. The owner of management must successfully complete our training program and must devote efforts full time to the management and operation of the franchised business. If the franchisee red mango, workshops, if the owner not devoted efforts full time to the management and operation of individual store management must be nominated to be managed by the owners, as the key figure. The person has no equity participation in franchising, but must have completed the first training program for our satisfaction. The franchise has and sell that require all elements of menu, red mango and unique menu items that have been approved. Estimate of the number of units: 245 tables: initial investment: traditional shop:. $50 (which increases to $100 for every second or NSF over each period of twelve months rolling) in addition to the reimbursement of costs and expenses, including the non-payment of Red mango affiliate. $1 500 for each individual franchisee, receives aid is every day more travel, accommodation and food costs for this person while he or she help you. Fees (payable when owners between them or a minority interest in one or more third parties transfer). Costs (if the affiliate is mapping your interest in the franchise agreement, transfer of all or parts of the assets of the franchise are payable business or the owner of a majority stake of transfer). An amount equal to the first franchise fee divided by the number of days, in the first current included time multiplied by the number of days in the period of acquisition. You can enter only 15 points in your wish list. To request information to your selected just company the form fill out you and send. OK, understand,.