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I'm sorry, just make sure that you not a robot. To achieve the best results, you make sure that your browser accepts cookies. Summary: in the middle of fashionable differentiation and homogenized creativity almost forms reduced and silhouettes and garments became a commodity. However, the movement of Deconstructivism marks a time critical compared to contemporary fashion. In the 1980s, Hussein Chalayan, Martin Margiela, the pioneer of Deconstructivism in fashion's critical position went through his controversial speech and designs against the consumer culture. Chalayan has developed resistance to the image of the fashion industry by their conceptual approach which semantify to deconstruct the meaning of clothing for ri-li, and change your ontology-based approach. To construct the meaning, Chalayan developed three different conceptual paths, resolve the social problems, symbolic narrative, or phenomenological event. In the three facilities, the idea is the epicenter for the interdisciplinary design process where Chalayan not it makes no distinction between the world of clothes, objects, images and spatial environments. In this chapter, analyzed as a designer, noted critic and the most radical in the world fashion system, channel, african mango in australia Hussein Chalayan, marks a new era in the history of fashion in terms of the ability to incubate an essential role in the discussion of the draft. Keywords: Hussein Chalayan, deconstruction, radical mode, re Semantification, clothing. More information: co-author with Deniz G√ľner,,.